We have an ongoing commitment with Backpack Buddies to provide food for children at Greenfield Elementary School. Once they determine their needs, they notify us of the schedule. We will announce our time(s) when we know.  The list of needed food/snack items can be found on Mission Table, Midweek Email and on our Church Website (below).

We would like your help in purchasing the items needed and then joining us to fill those grocery bags full of three meals for the two weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) needed.

 Prayerfully consider this ministry.

                                                                                                               Blessings, Your Mission Team

 BACKPACK BUDDIES (16)  buddies needed each week

                            Weeks 1 and 3

1 Can soup________________________________

1 can pasta__________________________________

1 Can tuna or chicken________________________

2 fresh apples_________________________________

3 Juice box________________________________

2 pudding cups_____________________________

1 Apple sauce cup_________________________________

1 fruit cup____________________________________

1 easy mac______________________________

1 microwave popcorn____________________________

1 pkg raisins___________________________________

1 cereal bar___________________________________

1 pop tart_________________________________

1 sleeve Grahamcrackers_____________________

1 sleeve saltines crackers_____________________

BACKPACK BUDDIES (16)  buddies packs needed 

                   weeks 2 and 4

1 can pasta__________________________________

1 small jar peanut butter________________________

2 pudding cups_______________________________________

3 juice boxs_____________________________________

 2 fresh apples______________________________

1 fruit cup____________________________________

 1 apple sauce_____________________________________      

2 oatmeal packs

*1 cereal bar____________________________________

*1 easy mac___________________________________

*1 bag peanut butter pretzles___________________________

2 ramen noodles______________________________

2 sleeves of Ritz crackers_____________________

*1 bag trail mix___________________________________

                          * week four (4) changes:

*1 granola bar (instead of cereal bar)…*1 peanut butter cracker (instead of Pretzles)

*1 Microwave rice(The rice is an individual container that can be cooked in the microwave, or a cup like easy mac. They should be by the rice-a-roni and come in different flavors like chicken. There are different brands – Uncle Bens, Minute Rice, etc.) instead of Easy mac…*1 Nutrigrain bar instead of trail mix

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