NOTICE: If you are the last person to leave the church, please make sure all doors are locked and lights are off. Thank you.
We are pleased to announce the creation of a new Library /Media Center in our church. At your conveniences come visit our newly enhanced space. We hope that all will find the room a relaxing, quiet and refreshing area for reflecting, reading and searching for the right book, scripture verse or project. There are many resources gathered, for Sunday School Classes, teachers, the DIYer, cooking, self help, researchers, Children, Youth and the ever gladden reader of books, made available for the pure enjoyment of turning a page and gleaning its contents. Come visit your PHBC Library and Media Center. Location: Up the steps from the Fellowship Hall  through the Fire door to the Children’s Youth wing and then the first door on the right
Would you like to make someone’s day, show them you care, or tell them they are missed? If the answer is YES, then the Telephone Ministry is for you. You choose when to serve: select whatever month fits your schedule then pick up the phone and call a few of our church family shut-ins. I’ll provide a list and you keep track of your calls. It’s that easy to bless someone.  Please join me in this new ministry of love and encouragement by calling 540-992-5885 or 540-797-2360.  Hope to be blessed with a call from you soon!  Vicki Robinson

1. “Mission Project for August will be serving a meal at Straightstreet in Downtown Roanoke on Saturday, August 15.
We need volunteers to serve the meal and interact with the kids.
Meet at the church at 4:00 pm to travel by church bus to the location.
The menu will be Baked Zitti, Garlic bread, Tea (soda drinks at Straightstreet), and Ice cream with toppings.

2. We are in contact with a downtown Mission Food Ministry to help with their ministry. More to come on that project.
We will need food preparers, deliverers, and possible servers.
We can also use the church bus for transportation and ease of travel.

3. “The next scheduled Mission Meeting will be September 7th at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
Remember that all necessary restrictions will still be in place.

4. Mission Month November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 TBA.

5. Operation Christmas Child,  Please start gathering your items for the Shoe Boxes. We will do as last year with the church, funding the shipping charges so we will be able to track the Gifts to their destination.
The packing day will be on a Saturday with a pizza/sandwich party. Date and time to be announced later.

For more information on any of PHBC Mission projects;  call Gwynn @828-553-5050 or email at”




Bins for food collections for these important missions are located in each Sunday

School classroom as well as in the entry hall closet. Donations are needed for both.
If you don’t have an email address and would like to receive a copy of the newsletter or know of someone who would like a copy. Call the church office to let us know.

Please use the COMMUNICATION CARD in your worship bulletin to share a prayer concern, a decision for Christ, or new contact information, and to communicate with the church staff.

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