March  2019

Dear Friends, The Gospel According to Mr. Rogers has been a fun series. I hope that you have enjoyed it! But more so, I hope you have understood in a deeper way that following Christ is often about simple things, like being kind, and seeing the internal beauty of people instead of judging outward things, the need for grace that exists in all of us, loving our neighbors – whoever they may be, and not letting anger control our lives. These are not just good moral teachings, they are the Way of Christ. Before followers of Christ were called Christians, the movement Jesus created was called “The Way.” If we read the greatest sermon ever given, the Sermon on the Mount (found in Matthew 5-7), we will see Jesus describe what living in the “Way” looks like. These teachings of Jesus are some of the most direct and easy to understand in all of the Gospels. And yet, aren’t some of the simplest things the hardest to live out? As we finish up this series, I invite you to reach out to your neighbors. Both your actual physical neighbors, and those who live and work around you. I would love to see you invite your neighbors to your home to watch the Mr. Rogers movie (we will make it available to you) and then talk about it. Reach across the fence, or drive down the lane, or walk across the street and connect with your neighbors and give them the free coffee card that you will receive at the end of worship on Sunday March 10th. Look for ways to help you neighbors and team up with your neighbors to know each other better and serve each other better. Let’s make it a beautiful day in our neighborhood by reaching out to our neighbors! As we move through this time of Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter, our sermon series will look at other portions of Matthew, as we explore some parables from the greatest storyteller who ever lived. Jesus sometimes taught directly, like the Sermon on the Mount, but Jesus mostly taught with powerful stories, called parables. We will explore the meaning and application for these stories to our daily lives today as we continue to grow in loving God and loving our neighbors. All through the month of March, our Mission Emphasis will continue to connect us with where God is at work in our community. It is my prayer that we will be blessed as we follow “the Way” together. Blessings, Rob